This is a list of the ten contestants that competed in House of Hell 1 in 2004.

Ann Edit

Ann Willett is a 37 year old nurse from Cleveland, Ohio.

Casey Edit

Casey Reed is a 28 year old yoga instructor from Los Angeles, California.

Cheslea Edit

Chelsea Daly is a 21 year old college student from Miami, Florida.

David Edit

David Jackson is 34 year old relator from St. Louis, Missouri.

Garrett Edit

Garrett Feimster is a 23 year old model from Los Angeles, California.

James Edit

James Taylor is a 27 year old lawyer from Albany, New York.

Joe Edit

Joe Dunham is a 38 year old used car salesman from San Antonio, Texas.

Michelle Edit

Michelle Liu is a 25 year old pharmaceutical sales representative from Seattle, Washington.

Tom Edit

Tom Reinhardt is a 42 year old police officer from Raleigh, North Carolina. On Day 1, Tom won the first Head of Household competition.

Valerie Edit

Valerie Simms is 46 year old beauty salon owner from New Orleans, Louisiana.